I want only to haunt you, but you're never there

This year's halloween collection came at a time when I needed a project to pull me out of some ghastly feelings during a major period of burn out. 

It grew and grew and grew to monstrous proportions. 

But it has become one of my favourite collections yet. 

grab your ghouls and pick up some matching soft flirt halloween tees, or pick up this year's debut hall'entines to send to your loved ones this spooky season. 

thank you to Janet Antone, Adam Kearney, Robin Henry, Emily Chichocki, Andie Keating, Mariam Waliji and Marty Annson for modelling this year's halloween collection, and in particular for being great sports and putting carved pumpkins on their heads. 

and eternal thank yous to the universe for bringing Rachel Long into my life, we feel like creative soulmates and these photos are immaculate. 

happy haunting everyone! 

Soft Flirt 


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