Baby, it's Halloween

Be Your Own Haunted House

Halloween and Valentine's day are basically Soft flirt national holidays, and for 2020 I went all out with Halloween creations. 

I made tshirts, stickers, totes, prints and a sweet playlist that you can still listen to here all pulled together with one of my favourite photoshoots ever. Featuring my favourite ghoulish couple Alex & Innes and shot in the hauntingly beautiful mount pleasant cemetary where my friends donned a simple sheet ghost costume to wander around historical tombstones and grazing deer.

I'm always so thrilled when the things that I create resonate with people, and if I can be your one stop halloween shop for years to come I promise to always come up with the most ghostly creations.

I'm already planning Halloween 2021, including this year's playlist so stay tuned to see what I come up with. 


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