Let's talk about some important things

Hi There, 

I am committed to making soft flirt an inclusive brand for all, but as a one-woman shop please know that this will forever be a work in progress that I will strive to always adapt and change to be more inclusive wherever I see Soft Flirt falling behind. 

I have forever inhabited a plus-size body and know personally how hard it can be to find even a trendy graphic tee that is comfortable, and features clothing in a contemporary fit. The world is definitely listening and a lot of brand are doing better extending their size range but locally in London that doesn't appear to be the case (yet, I'm hopeful). This is where I come in. Soft flirt currently carries all apparel items from a size x-small to a 3x-large and personally this is the bare minimum, but I'm met with some limitations when it comes to expanding past this point. Where I am able to bring in 4x-large I have been, and have just offered a few items up to a 5x-large in my most recent collection. I would love to keep expanding my size range, and this is an area of focus moving forward within this business. the current limitations are: storage space for me, I'm working from my home studio and am currently maxed out on storage, availability of these sizes in all colours of blank garments - currently these sizes are not available in some of the premium brands I have been using - or not available in all sizes, availability of blank stock in general right now with pandemic supply levels means many things are out of stock so that is an added part of this. 

future solves I'm looking into include buying white/light garments and custom dying my own colours so that I am able to offer all sizes - I need space, and a more secure financial standing to be able to take this on, the other option and current option is providing a made to order option for all sizes excluded from my current collection, the downside to this is I'm unable to offer all colour shirts but I will give you multiple options from what is available to me to hopefully find a happy solution. 

In the interest of transparency it is important to me that you are aware of my current and future plans regarding my size inclusivity plan. When I'm able to plan events in the future I will be bringing back my plus size clothing swaps, and I'm brainstorming about the future of soft flirt, maybe there is a version of soft flirt in the future that can host events, on location, carry some plus size consignment items, and create events and programming around the local plus size community. 

I am making an effort particularly in my photoshoots to make sure that all bodies, disabilities, genders, sexualities, ethnicities, race and nationalities are included moving forward in an effort to create a brand where you can feel represented no matter what your identity is. This is an ongoing process as I typically only have 2-3 photoshoots per year but you can be assured that the models brought in will be offered compensation, and each photoshoot will aim to represent a diverse group of people to ensure that all representations of soft flirt in the future are inclusive to all. I welcome any and all suggestions on ways that I can improve, if you feel there is an area I'm missing from my focus please send me an e-mail at softflirting@gmail.com. And if you feel as though you aren't being represented, I'd love to have you model sometime <3 

Apart from my photoshoots I am committed to using language in captions and content that is respectful to the model's gender identity and where that isn't known using language that is gender neutral and positive, the clothing I make is all inherently unisex, but I know that some of the small business world can be very gendered and feminine. Soft Flirt is clothing for all gender identities, and I hope that you feel included in what you see here. 

And while Soft Flirt is currently a home-based business and pretty exclusively sold here on this website, I live and work on land that is situated on the traditional territories of the Anishinaabeg, Huadenosaunee, Lenape, Huron-Wendat and Attawandron peoples. The local First Nations communities of this area include Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, Oneida Nation of the Thames, and Munsee Delaware Nation. I acknowledge that these Nations and People are the original caretakers of these lands and aim to increase my own knowledge of the history of this region while acknowledging the ongoing injustices that Indigenous Peoples in Canada must endure.

I share studio space with Rezonance Printing a local screen-printing forward business that supports Indigenous youth and artists by teaching screen printing skills as well as allowing them to hone their own art craft in a way that supports their own future through apprenticeship programs and community workshops. I was lucky enough to also be taught everything I know about screen-printing apparel items by Adam Sturgeon who leads this program, so I hope that you will take a look at their website and social media and support Rezonance as well. It is important to me to be able to highlight their impact on the community so you will frequently see Rezonance popping up in Soft Flirt socials. If you're local to London and need some custom print work done, I highly recommend supporting them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you have any questions please feel free to send me an e-mail at softflirting@gmail.com

Sending love to any and all who take the time to participate in these conversations with me, to help me execute my goals in making soft flirt a more inclusive brand, or presenting opportunities where I can grow and do better moving forward. 

Soft Flirt