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yearning print collab with Moira Hayes

yearning print collab with Moira Hayes

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Prints created by Moira Hayes alongside the [yearning instensifies] stickers 

Moira's work is incredibly clever and uses the process of layering adhesive vinyl on top of found artwork and found materials. I love the narratives that Moira writes and was pretty stoked to see this created out of the idea of yearning, pulling from the story of Eurydice and Orpheus and expanding on these themes. 

Each print will be printed digitally on archival paper 

size 8x10 or 11x14 options available 

These prints also function as a side by side diptych as the background image is one larger image cut in half so if you're interested in both they can be displayed side by side. 

**prints will be ordered after my pre-order cut off at which point I will be ordering a quantity to keep in stock, so order anytime but orders before Feb 16th will be filled after prints have been picked up. 


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